5 Best things to do in Italy

Best- things- to do- in -Italy

Best-things-to-do- in-Italy









1. Float along the waterways of Venice

A city of immense beauty and great historical significance, Venice is a must-see when visiting Italy. One of the most unique cities in the country – if not the world – it is spread across 117 small islands separated by a network of canals.


The Grand Canal (Canale Grande) is the largest waterway in Venice, with 50 palazzi and six churches lining the banks. Take a water bus or hop on a gondola and soak up the beauty of the city while floating down this famous canal.

Best- things- to- do-in- Italy










 2. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome

Originally built as a water source for the ancient city, the fountain was built atop an aqueduct at the junction of three roads (tre vie) – hence the name Trevi.

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to this Baroque masterpiece. And it’s essential if you wish to return to the city one day. Legend has it that anyone who tosses a coin into the fountain will have good luck that will bring them back to the Eternal City.


Best- things- to do- in -Italy

 3. Marvel at Rome’s Colosseum

Made of the same marble as the Trevi Fountain, these ruins were once a tremendous amphitheatre. Built between 72 and 80 CE, the Colosseum was capable of accommodating approximately 50 000 spectators for sporting events and gladiator battles.


Although two-thirds of the structure have been destroyed over time due to vandalism, earth quakes and fires, it’s still one of the most popular attractions in Rome and the world.

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 4. Admire the art at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Head to the Palazzo degli Uffizi to visit the Uffizi Gallery. Filled with the works of Italian greats including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo, this spectacular palace is one of the world’s oldest and finest galleries.


Directly behind the palazzo are the marvellous Boboli Gardens. The vast rolling lawns function as an outdoor museum, dotted with Renaissance statues and ornate fountains.

Best -things- to- do- in- Italy










5. Take a hot air balloon ride in Assisi

Located in Assisi, just a two hour drive from Rome or Florence, Balloon Adventures Italy gives travellers the chance to see the stunning Umbria region from a unique perspective.


As well as being the most romantic way to travel, a hot air balloon ride gives guests a new vantage point from which to view the rolling hills and medieval towns of the Green Heart of Italy.


Get the full Italian experience when the ride is over with a traditional Umbrian breakfast and wine tasting at Cantina Dionigi.

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