There are few things as mesmerizing as the sight of a swarm of hot air balloons rising into the air over picturesque vistas. Whether you want to observe the spectacular colours from the ground, experience the thrill of flying or learn more about these giants of the sky, hot air balloon festivals in Italy are the perfect places to immerse yourself in everything hot air balloon.

Ferrara Balloons Festival

One of the largest hot air balloon festivals in Europe, the Ferrara Balloons Festival attracts more than 180 000 visitors to the Bassani Urban Park on the northern outskirts of Ferrara. Teams from Italy and abroad bringing their brightly coloured, unusually shaped aircraft to the festival, flying at dawn and dusk.

There are plenty of attractions besides the hot air balloons too. Meander along the bike and walking routes, see aeronautical and entertainment shows, take the kids on funfair rides, or dig into some delicious food. It’s easy to see why this festival was recently given the “Italian Heritage” designation.

Ferrara Balloons Festival takes place in September every year.

X° Paestum Balloon Festival

Located in the Campania region of Italy, Paestum is home to the famous Napoli, Mount Vesuvius, Capri Island and ancient archaeological sites. The X° Paestum Balloon Festival gives visitors the unique opportunity to take off at the feet of famous Roman and Greek temples. From the sky, you’ll be able to see the Amalfi Coast, the Apennine Mountains and the Gulf of Salerno at their best, as the festival usually runs from the end of September to the beginning of October.

Dolomiti Balloonweek

This unique festival takes place during winter in Dobbiaco, South Tyrol. During the week-long event, balloons transform the stark Dolomites into a colourful landscape. Experience breathtaking, close-up views of the snow-capped mountains in early January without having to climb them.

There are daily rides from 10am, with the longest trip receiving the Balloon Trophy at the end of the week. Pull on your beanies and gloves, and wrap yourself in your warmest windbreaker to prepare – some of the most recent trips to have won went as far as Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary!

Cesena Hot Air Balloon Festival

Balloons colour the skies of Cesena for two weekends in April during the Cesena Hot Air Balloon Festival. With numerous educational and recreational workshops in addition to the flights and balloon shows, this festival is a fantastic day out for families. See the stunning Veneto region from a hot air balloon, spend time in the didactic laboratory to learn about how these floating giants take flight, take a paramotor flight over Vigonovo, ride horses or visit the restaurants on site.

Sagrantino Cup

Held in the stunning, laid-back Umbria region, the Sagrantino Cup provides relaxed flights for festival attendees in the mornings and competition flights for enthusiasts later in the day. With two launch sites, one in the Sagrantino Wine Valley and another in the Mid-Tiber Valley, teams are able to choose their take-off and refuel locations. Visitors will have stunning views of rolling green hills dotted with pristine medieval towns while flying over this untouched wine-producing area. As summer begins to wind down at the end of July, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a flight at the Sagrantino Cup.

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