The Winery

Dionigi Winery. After your hot air balloon ride we bring you back for breakfast to Cantina Dionigi Winery that is just a stone throw away from our balloon base. The Dioginis are fourth generation wine makers who also know how to put on a great Umbrian breakfast!  If you are not opposed to drinking a bit of wine before midday, you may even like to sample their excellent wines!

A brief background on Cantina Dionigi Winery (for those wine buffs among you…)

Established in 1896 by the great grandfather of our friend and neighbour, Roberto Dionigi.  He is one of the prime producer of the famous Sagrantino di Montefalco wine.

The wine growing area of Bevagna / Montefalco goes back to Roman times. Pliny the Elder, the famed Roman historian, refers to a valuable grape called “Itriola” which was produced in the region of Bevagna. This grape, according to experts, is probably the origin of the present day Sagrantino grapes. Followers of Saint Francis of Assisi were involved in cultivating the grape in medieval times.  The Sagrantino name comes from the Latin “sacrament”, as the grapes were cultivated by monks for religious rites.

The Bevagna region of Umbria is highly suited for the production of fine wines. Cantina Dinoigi Winery strictly follows fundamental traditions, while at the same time being innovative using the most up to date techniques and equipment.  The Dionigis feel that it is their utmost duty to look after the land and the environment and produce a quality wine that they can be proud of. After all, their family’s reputation is at stake!

Hot air balloon ride with breakfast and wine tasting!

The fun continues when we take you back to Cantina Dionigi Winery to enjoy a great Umbrian breakfast and wine tasting.