The Winery

After your hot air balloon ride, we’ll ensure your descent to earth isn’t a downer with a traditional Umbrian breakfast and famous Italian hospitality at the Dionigi Winery. Just a stone’s throw away from the Balloon Adventures base, the winery produces some of the best wines in the region.


A stunning wine region in Italy 

With a warm and temperate climate, the Bevagna wine region is well suited to the production of fine wines. The Dionigi family has been producing wine here for four generations, but the history of the region goes back to Roman times.

One theory traces the origin back to works of Pliny the Elder. His writings make reference to a valuable grape called “Itriola”, which some experts think may be the Sagrantino grape. Sagrantino, meaning “sacrament” in Latin, was cultivated by monks and other followers of Saint Francis of Assisi for religious rites.

Since its establishment in 1896 by the grandfather of Balloon Adventures’ friend and neighbour Roberto Dionigi, the winery has followed winemaking traditions. At the same time, the Dionigis inspire innovation by using the latest techniques and equipment. Today, Dionigi is one of the main producers of Sagrantino di Montefalco, an Italian wine made in Perugia with 100% Sagrantino grapes.

Family is at the heart of this winery and the Dionigis take their duty of looking after this stunning land seriously. And it shows – in every drop of their delicious wine.

Hot air balloon ride with breakfast and wine tasting!

Sip on Dionigi wines while enjoying a traditional Umbrian breakfast in the Green Heart of Italy.