The Wonders of Umbria for a Romantic weekend break If you are looking for an original idea for a romantic weekend near Rome, it is time to consider Umbria. With its sweet landscapes, the typical medieval villages, many spas and “agriturismi”, Umbria is an ideal region to spend an enjoyable weekend with your partner. If

Well, if you are looking for and idea to plan a romantic weekend near Rome, choose the beautiful Umbria as a destination. You won’t regret it. Here you will find many activities for couples. First of all, think of staying in a spa. The offer is wide: there are many spas in Umbria, both in

To spend an unforgettable romantic weekend near Rome, Umbria is the perfect destination. The activities that you could do can suit all tastes. If you are wondering what to see in Umbria, you will just be spoiled for choice. If you are a wine-lover, there are many wineries ready to let you taste some of