While the sight of them might invoke whimsy and wonder, the safety behind hot air balloons is serious business.

There are few things as mesmerizing as the sight of a swarm of hot air balloons rising into the air over picturesque vistas. Whether you want to observe the spectacular colours from the ground, experience the thrill of flying or learn more about these giants of the sky, hot air balloon festivals in Italy are the perfect places to immerse yourself in everything hot air balloon.

Flying a hot air balloon takes more than hopping into a basket and firing the burners. There’s a lot of skill involved in getting the best view of the local landscape.

Although flying a hot air balloon is no easy task, these beautiful aircraft have quite a simple design. It only takes three components to get our hot air balloons floating over Italy.

From the iconic scenes in Around the World in 80 Days to the extraordinary Balloon Adventures falconry experience in Dubai, hot air balloons have been providing travellers with unforgettable experiences for centuries.