After the months of making decisions about everything from stationery to icing flavours and who will sit where, you and your sweetheart have finally said “I do”. Your reward for all your hard work? A once-in-a-lifetime getaway where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company. A honeymoon in Italy is, without a doubt, one of the best. Here’s why.

1. Glide down the canals of Venice on a gondola

Venice Gondola things to do in Italy

There are few things more romantic than a gondola ride through the picturesque waterways of Venice. This vibrant city is brimming with artistic and cultural heritage, all rounded off with a rich folklore tradition. Cruise along the canals and take in the stunning architecture, bathed in the unique colours of the Venetian sky, before hopping off to indulge in some delicious gelato. Then, when night falls, enjoy the lights of the city as you glide to the Theatre La Fenice to enjoy a ballet or opera performance. An authentic honeymoon in Italy.

2. Tour Tuscany in a vintage sports car

Tuscany drive things to do in Italy

With its Renaissance art and architecture, Florence is the perfect place to start any tour of Tuscany. Spend some time in the city visiting the various museums and strolling down cobbled streets. Don’t miss Ponte Vecchio Bridge, where you can browse the many art and jewellery shops, and admire the city’s ancient buildings. Then rent a vintage red sports car and make your way out of the city to Tuscany’s famed vineyards for truly unique honeymoon in Italy. Spend days in the sun sipping on fine wines as you immerse yourself in this romantic region and the landscapes that inspired Leonardo da Vinci.

3. Kiss under the city lights in Rome

Night Kiss in Rome Things to do in Italy

Where better to start your life with your beloved than the Eternal City? Experience la dolce vita with a walking tour to see all of Rome’s most famous landmarks before nipping off to a cosy café and sipping on an espresso. There’s always a hint of romance in the air in this ancient city that connects past to present. Stoll along the boulevards, toss coins into the Trevi Fountain and sit back on the Spanish Steps as you watch the world go by. As night falls over the city, make your way to Trastevere, with its brightly coloured buildings, small piazzas and charming atmosphere. Share some good food and great wine before celebrating with a kiss under the city lights.

4. Relax along the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast things to do in Italy

Spend some time under the Italian sun with mountains and vineyards as the backdrop to your romantic coastal getaway. With dramatic cliffs that kiss the blue sea and colourful villas dotting the coastline, the Amalfi Coast is truly dazzling setting for your honeymoon in Italy. Take a boat tour and soak up the rugged beauty of the Sorrento Coast as you cruise through the crystal clear waters. Back on land, watch the sun sink below the horizon while indulging in some fantastic Italian fare at some of Italy’s finest restaurants.

5. Take a hot air balloon ride in Umbria

Hot air balloon ride Umbria Italy

Get away to the Green Heart of Italy to unwind in this serene inland escape. Untouched landscapes dotted with medieval churches and forts. This unexplored region is the perfect place for a honeymoon in Italy. The diverse landscapes, lack of crowds and slow pace of life allow you and your love to sit back, relax and take each other in. Make your time in Umbria even more special with an unforgettable hot air balloon ride. See this sheer beauty of Umbria’s undulating landscapes and hilltop towns. When you touch down, enjoy a traditional breakfast in one of the region’s many vineyards before sharing a glass of fine wine with your sweetheart.

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